Our planning guide will help you plan your next event!


Consider the following


  • Event time and date
  • Event location: determine if delivery is required, note delivery location
  • A tent might be necessary, and there are some considerations: amount of people/tent size; a tent permit might be needed depending on the size; whether or not you want leg and pole drapes, and a liner
  • A few table considerations: number of people determines number of tables; round or banquet or farm; if the tables include food service, the caterer will give the best gauge as to how many tables are needed
  • As for chairs and benches: evaluate pricing and calculation of how much seating will be needed
  • If you’d like a dance floor: decide on a pattern and use the dance floor guide to determine needs
  • Table linens: linen sizes, quantities and colors; decide on napkins; and chair covers
  • As for dining, decisions include; china: types of pieces and colors, flatware: types of styles and pieces needed, glassware: types of pieces needed and whether or not they are needed at a bar setting
  • If you intend to have a bar: determine if you’ll need cocktail tables and the linen colors, and perhaps sashes around table bases
  • Considerations regarding lighting: the feel/vibe you are seeking to determine the type of lighting option to use and how you’d like the lighting to look